Fall Games Played at OC Stadium For Sale

Oregon City Sports Fans!


We are pleased to announce that games for the 2013 season played at Oregon City HS Stadium are now available online. This includes Freshman, JV, Varsity, and Youth Football, and Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer.


  • $4.99 a game or $14.99 for the season.  It's like buying a DVD, only way better!
  • Once you buy, the game is yours to watch anytime and anywhere.


Daily Announcements: Wednesday December 11

Winter formal court voting will start today and end Friday. You can stop by the table during either lunch to vote, or do it on your own time. If you are a freshman or sophomore, your username is firstname.middleinital.lastname. If you are a junior or senior your username is firstname.lastname. Voting link is on the website on top gray bar.  Everybody's password is their student ID


Wondering what gift to give for your friend? Gift certificates available in the Bistro for $3.  Enough to buy them a drink in the Bistro !



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