Oregon City High School has a School-Based Health Center.

Located in the counseling wing, Room 145A        503.785.8770     

Open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during school days.




Laurie Bloomquist MA. LPC

Mary Wilson - Health Services Coordinator


The Health Center is open daily to address any students’ medical or emotional need.  Services are offered to all OCHS students regardless of ability to pay. The Health Center gladly accepts OHP clients, and bills other insurance companies when that information is available.  If a student has a primary care provider they may be referred back for continuity of care.   Families are not billed and services are confidential. 

The Health Center recently reopened as a full time clinic, daily from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.   ​Appointments can be scheduled for concerns for chronic or acute illness, injury, immunizations or counseling for health issues.  Students may be seen on a walk in basis as well.   

The Health Services Coordinator, Mary Wilson, is available every day to schedule appointments and answer questions.  If you haven’t been to the health center, come visit or call 503-785-8770.   Health Center Services are private and confidential. Health records will not become a part of a student's school record. Health records are accessed only by Health Center staff. HIPAA rules and regulations are followed. Our staff is committed to encouraging parental involvement in the health needs of their students and works to enhance communication between students and their parents or guardians.


Available Services Include:

Diagnosis and treatment of minor illness, infection and injury (i.e. skin infections, bronchitis, sinusitis)
Assistance in the management of chronic illness such as asthma or diabetes in cooperation with the students Primary Care Provider
Physical examinations
Lab tests to monitor health conditions
Wellness and lifestyle education and support
Tobacco prevention and cessation information
Substance abuse assessment and referral
Communicable disease control and prevention
Mental Health services & referrals

OCHS District School Nurse: The above Health Center services are separate and differ from services offered by the Oregon City School District Nurse, Tina Moore, Oregon City School District ( who provides specific interventions between the school environment and students with health needs.

Additionallly, students have access to a Behavioral Health Specialists ten hours each week.  

Medication Policy

Medication is defined as prescription and non-prescription medication.

Prescription Medication requires the following:

A signed parent consent form entitled Authorization of Medication Administration by School Personnel.
Medication must be brought to school by the parent or guardian.
Medication must be in the original container with a label that includes the name of the student, name of the medication, proper dosage to be given, and frequency of administration.
All prescription medication must be counted each time the parent brings an additional supply. The counting will be witnessed and signed off on the student’s medication record.
Non-prescription medication
Medication must be brought to school in the original container.
Medication must be brought to school by the parent or guardian.
The parent will sign a permission form entitled Authorization for Medication Administration by School Personnel, which will include the name of the medication, route of administration, dosage and frequency and any other additional information.
The dosage, frequency or age requirement will not exceed the recommendations on the label without a physician’s written order.
Additional Information
Trained school personnel can no longer accept a phone request to administer a medication dose that was scheduled to be given at home before school hours.
Rules relating to medication at school also apply to field trips.
The student’s parent must cut any medication that requires being cut.
There are specific rules for which type of over the counter medications will be allowed at school. This list is mandated by state law and is available at your child’s school.
Dietary and herbal supplements are not allowed.

Students in grades 7-12 may carry their own medications and self-administer during the school day. Please note that any controlled substances including, but not limited to, steroids, narcotics, Ritalin​must remain locked in the health office and will be administered by school personnel. If you want your child to self-administer his/her medication, please contact your school, as there is paperwork required and very specific rules to follow. Please also be aware that if your child is self administering medication, there will not be any monitoring of this by school personnel.

For further clarification if needed, contact the district nurse, Tina Moore, 503-785-8400.


Consent Form (PDF)

Patient Registration Form (PDF)        Fillable form

Health History Form (PDF)                Fillable form

Noticy of Privacy Practices CCP-H477 (PDF)

Consumer Rights Responsibilities CCP-MH039 (PDF)


District Website Health Service Forms