Yearbook Staff Helps Seniors Submit Portraits

By Devon Lucas, Reporter 


The Yearbook Staff and Advisor want to help all seniors struggling with submitting a senior portrait to before the November 1st deadline.


This year the seniors on the Yearbook Staff are helping out their class for their own senior project. The staff’s goal is to feature all seniors in the 2016-2017 yearbook using a senior portrait rather than their school I.D. photo. This gives a fair opportunity to all the seniors that don't have as many resources as others.


Having every senior submit a senior portrait on time or at all before the deadline has always been a problem for Advisor Sarah Dutton-Breen. Many OCHS seniors are unaware of the senior portrait deadline and the importance of submitting on time, but Dutton-Breen wants to change that. She never changes her deadline with submitting because organization of pictures on the website becomes a mess. “I'm very strict about my deadlines and have no tolerance for excuses,” said Dutton-Breen.


Dutton-Breen plans for each staff member to be assigned and responsible for 30-35 seniors while still having to attend to their yearbook duties. “There's a lot on my plate and I have to stay very organized,” said Senior Mark Kitalong. Dutton-Breen feels that the staff is very capable of completing the goal. “Our staff has all resources and skills in order to be successful,” said Dutton-Breen.


The Yearbook Staff will check-in with seniors week-to-week making sure they have a plan of action for their portraits. If a senior has already submitted it’s the assigned staffer’s job to check and see if the photo meets the requirements below:

- Photo size 3” tall × 2” wide

- Head size 1.5”

- Headshots only

- No props (vehicles, guns, pets, etc.)

- No cleavage

- No inappropriate gestures


If a student is unable to schedule time or can’t afford professional pictures the yearbook staffer assigned will take pictures free of charge.


Dutton-Breen feels this project will be beneficial for seniors both ways. Staff members will be getting their senior project done while at the same time helping seniors struggling to afford or find time to schedule pictures to be taken.


Every year, the yearbook staff always intends to feature all students at least  three times throughout the book rather than just a school I.D. picture. On average about 100 seniors don’t submit portraits to Replay it each year before the deadline. Replay it is a digital media platform created by Jostens and used for sharing photos designated to your school. The Yearbook Staff uses this software because it’s an easy link for sharing photos. Seniors struggling with submitting can follow the link to find specifications.    


“This is great for seniors,” said Senior Karly Riedlinger. “Everyone is given the same opportunity and no one is left out.” Riedlinger believes that Dutton-Breen’s senior project will be useful for all seniors and will decline the number of seniors that don’t submit.