Who Says Teenagers Are Too Old For Halloween?

By Timothy Vargas, Reporter 


With shifting leaves and pumpkin spiced foodstuff, October comes and with it the spookiest holiday of the year.


This treat filled holiday allows many students to show off their interests and creativity in unique ways. From ghoulish costumes to carved pumpkins, there’s a lot of self-expression and creative costumes that students enjoy.


Halloween landing on a Monday may ruin some students plans, but not all students are willing to give up this once-a-year chance for free candy, costume wearing and parties.


In the previous years students and teachers have enjoyed a variety of costumes. In 2014 Brent McClain, one of the math teachers, came to school dressed as Elvis Presley. Some students have come to school as more generic things like princesses or animals.


Every student has different plans for Halloween,  but the fact that it’s on a Monday dispirits some students. One student, senior Kassy Williams, said “I’m going trick-or-treating with my friends.” Another student, freshman Vector Benoit, has a less traditional plan, “I’m going to [a] Halloween party at The Living Room, a place for LGBT youth.”


The administration has said that some articles of clothing, such as capes, are not allowed as part of a costume. Students are also not allowed to wear face paint, carry replica weapons, or wear sunglasses or masks.


Despite the timing of the holiday many students and staff are coming to school in costume and the day will be filled with spooky cheer.