Summer Homework


Students will be scheduled for Honors or AP Classes they forecasted for unless they are notified by their counselor or administrator.

If you signed up for these classes, it is your responsibility to get the homework.



Honors English 10              
Teachers: Pat McDonald
               Kelly Springer
Honors Humanities      
Teachers:  Greg Hellman


Honors Geology                 

Teacher - Chris Hedeen      website

Geology Welcome (pdf)         

Honors Geology Summer Homework Timeline (pdf)  


Honors Microbiology                 

Teacher - Kris White

Letter of Intro Microbiology  (pdf)

Cell Model  (pdf)


AP Biology

Teacher - Kate Fisher             

Welcome Letter   (pdf)

AP Bio Summer Homework   (pdf) 

AP Bio Class Remind (pdf)

Connect Google Classroom (pdf)


AP Calculus        

Teacher - Steve Becker    website

AP Calculus AB Summer Homework      (pdf)

AP Calculus BC Summer Work Topics   (pdf)


AP Chemistry          

Teacher - Roxanne Kilpatrick   Email:        Website 

AP Chemistry Summer Homework  (pdf)

AP Chem Periodic Table   (pdf)


AP Human Geography               

Teacher - Jim Jordan   

AP Human Geography Summer Homework  (pdf)    

Basic Terms for Human Geography  (pdf)

Themes of Human Geography (pdf)

Article: Why Geography?


AP Language and Composition      

Teacher - Ed Kline    website

AP Lang Summer Homework  (pdf)


AP Literature and Composition        

Teacher - Kathy Haynie   

AP Lit Summer Homework  (pdf) 


AP Physics 1      

Teacher -  Les Sitton    website

Please go to this website for AP Physics summer homework.  Physics Page


AP Physics 2     

Teacher -  Stephanie Ota      

AP Physics 2 Intro (pdf)

AP Physics 2 Homework Timeline

Please join AP Physics 2 on Google Classroom.  Instructions are included in the Summer HW Timeline.


AP Psychology     

Teacher - Laura Jeffrey

AP Psych Summer Homework (pdf)

Chapter 9 Memory (pdf)


AP Spanish     

Teacher - Casey Clegg

AP Spanish Homework (pdf)


AP Stats           

Teacher - Jennifer Crutcher

AP Stats Summer Homework (pdf)


AP Studio Art

Teacher - Nicholas Liebrecht   

AP Studio Art Summer Homework (pdf)


AP U.S. Government & Politics               

Teacher - Jim Jordan          

GOPO Summer Assignment  (pdf)

Applying the Principles  (pdf)

Summary of US Constitution  (pdf)


AP US History                

Teacher - Nick Bertram

AP US History Assignment   (pdf)    updated version  7-26-18  

Zinn (pdf)