Student Council Elections for 2018-19

Vote for your 2018-19 OCHS Representatives!

Voting available from Tuesday 9:30am - Friday 12:30pm





You may select (3) of your top candidates for ASB Executive Committee, (3) for ASB Director, and one for your Class Committee.


ASB Executive Committee includes ASB President, ASB Vice President, ASB Secretary/Treasurer

ASB Directors include Media, Publicity, Community Service, Activities Committees

Class Committees include your class President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer


Candidates are elected upon 50% votes, 25% application, 25% interview



Voter ID      firstname.middleinitial.lastname

Voter KEY  password      student id







ASB Director 

Gabi Escamilla
Grant Didway
Lacey Grant
Layva Amaro
Zoe Kleiner
Rylee Salvey


ASB Executive Committee

Leah Kemmeny
Lilli Bui
Nicole Lambert
Shaylee Cooper
Sophie Nugent
Tim Nygyen


Senior Class

Only one candidate running for the senior committee, so candidates not elected to ASB committee will be considered for the senior committee.


Junior Class 

Annalise Rimes
Sydney Fogleman

Zach Finnegan


Sophomore Class

Dylan Neighorn
Diana Rios
Maya Wootan
Paige Norton



***  Reminder you are voting for next year's class. ***