New E-Book Library Available to Students

By Alex Seibert – Reporter


The Oregon City High School library is now offering a new e-book library to students. The new online library is called Overdrive and can be accessed through a free app download available to iPhone and Android users. The app lets users access an online library of e-books and audio the library has purchased. The Overdrive app is also used by public libraries across Oregon. The library has around 800 e-books and 350 audio books.


At first, Librarian Mr. Stull wasn’t sure how successful the new online library would be among students. “I was curious to see how popular it would be”. However, the library has been “wildly successful” said Stull. Within the first month of its release the library has checked out over 780 e-books to about 400 individuals.


 Kids have embraced the new online library. Senior Eli Lary said, ”It’s a cool new concept that will get more kids involved in literature that previously  weren’t.”


Senior Hector Lopez said, “I just got my first audio book today and it’s really easy to listen to on the go.”


The library is also easy to customize and Stull can make custom lists of books for individual teachers. Stull even has his own list of his favorite books mainly including action and adventure titles such as Into the Wild, American Sniper, and The Invisible Man. The library will also soon be accessible by students OCSLA and CAIS.