Bear Necessities 2016

Bear Necessities Week   October 31-November 4


Thank you to all who donated.  Together we raised $5,890.97!


What is Bear Necessities?

Bear Necessities was started in 2001 by 3 Oregon City High School Students and a partnership with Danielsons.


The purpose of the program is to raise money to help Oregon City High School students who need assistance to make their holiday season a little brighter. Bear Necessities is an “all school” fundraiser. The Mr. and Ms. OC Pageant also raises money for Bear Necessities. In addition to helping students during the holiday season, Bear Necessities also helps OCHS students in other ways when needed.


Each competitor will have a jar with their opponents name on it. 


The Student or teacher in the pair that earns the most money will get to slime the other in the assembly.


Those competing are:



Mrs. Jeffery vs Megan Brawn

Mr. Winkle vs Kennah Watts 

Mrs. Crutcher vs Austin Harp

Mr. Becker vs Angelica Dove and Terren Cravens

Mr. Newkirk vs Chris Figert

Mr. Bell vs Tanner Smith

Ms. Schneider vs Mckeon Sharp

Mr. Watts vs Avy Watts

Mr. Nyquist vs Teron Bradford

Mr. McCullough vs Kora McCullough

Ms. Brooks vs Gabe Erhardt